Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Daulatabad fort,architecture wonder

 Daulatabad Fort could be a fortified stronghold settled atop a conic hill in Aurangabad, regarding two hundred meters on top of the ocean level. Its strategic location, unimaginable design, and three-layer weapons system created it one amongst the foremost powerful hill fortresses of the medieval amount. It served because the capital of the Yadava family and therefore the city state (for a quick period) also because the secondary capital of the Ahmednagar state at totally different points in history. The fort

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Jantarmanantar Jaipur, archichitecher wonder,


The Jantar Mantar, in Jaipur, is associate astronomical observation web site in-built the first eighteenth century. It includes a collection of some twenty main mounted instruments. they're monumental examples in masonry of famed instruments however that in several cases have specific characteristics of their own. Designed for the observation of astronomical positions with the optic, they embody many subject field and instrumental innovations. this can be the foremost vital, most comprehensive, and therefore the best preserved of India's historic observatories. it's associate expression of the astronomical skills and cosmological ideas of the court of a bookish patrician at the top of the Mughal amount.


  • Jaipur city is a capital of Rajasthan state in India
  • Geographically  jaipur located north west part of India 
  • Jaipur also located near by thar desert 

 Latitude and longitude

  •  26.9 North latitude
  • 75.8  East longitude

Elevation (OR) Msl

  • Elevation or mean sea level of jaipur is  431 meter (or) (1,414 ft) Above sea level

Climate of jaipur

Jaipur features a monsoon-influenced hot semi-arid climate with long, extremely hot summers and short, mild to warm winters. , falling mostly in July and August thanks to monsoon, causing the typical temperatures in these two months to be lower compared to drier May and June. During the monsoon, there are frequent, heavy rains and thunderstorms, but flooding isn't common. the very best
  • Annual precipitation is over 63 cm,
  • Temperature ever recorded was 48.5 °C (119.3 °F), in May. 
  • The city's average temperature remains below 20 °C or 68 °F between December and February. 
  • These months are mild, dry, and pleasant, sometimes chilly. rock bottom temperature ever recorded was −2.2 °C (28.0 °F). 
  • Jaipur, like many other major cities of the planet , 
  • may be a significant urban heat island zone with surrounding rural temperatures occasionally falling below freezing in winters
Best visiting Time
  • November to february
Local language
  • Hindi 
  • Marwari
  • English
Mobile Network availability at Jaipur

  • Bsnl
  • Airtel
  • Jio
  • Idea
  • Vodafone 


Wednesday, April 21, 2021

BRIHADEESWARA ALAYAM temple,architecture wonder,

 The Brhadisvara Temple, a splendid example of Chola design was engineered by Emperor Rajaraja (985-1012 A.D.). The long series of epigraphs incised in elegant letters on the support all around the mammoth structure reveals the temperament of the Emperor.

The Brhadisvara temple could be a monument dedicated to Hindu deity, and he named lord as Rajarajesvaram-udayar when himself. The temple is built of granite,

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Mahabalipuram group of monument,famous tourist site

The Shore Temple (built in 700–728 AD) is thus named as a result of it overlooks the shore of the Bay of geographical region. it's placed close to metropolis in state.

It is a structural temple, designed with blocks of granite, geological dating from the eighth century AD. At the time of its creation, the positioning was a busy port throughout the reign of Narasimhavarman II

Wednesday, April 14, 2021



 An fine arts marvel of the eighth century, the Gwalior Fort is alert on a peak. The structure of the fort contains 2 main palaces, temples and water tanks. Amongst it, the foremost acknowledged is that the Teli-Ka-Mandir and Man Singh Palace. the previous

Saturday, April 10, 2021


Neemrana Fort-Palace - fifteenth Century (Neemrana, Rajasthan)
553 years recent medieval Fort-Palace | an ideal weekend getaway from Delhi
Built on the two billion-year-old

Wednesday, April 7, 2021


 Agra Fort could be a historical fort within the town of Agra in Asian country IN INDIA. it absolutely was the most residence of the emperors of the Mughal family line till 1638, once the capital was shifted from Agra to urban center. Before capture by land, the last Indian rulers to possess occupied it were the Marathas

Saturday, April 3, 2021

visiting places in delhi


Delhi touristry, a government enterprise facilitating touristry since 1975 can take you to a radio-controlled tour of the Old Delhi through this web site that explores the wonders of this town be it its heritage, the art and crafts, the varied cooking and culture.
A symbol of the country’s made past and thriving gift, Old Delhi could be a town wherever ancient and trendy mix seamlessly along. it's an area that not solely touches your pulse however even fastens it to a phrenetic speed. Home to scores of dreams, town takes on unprecedented  responsibilities of realizing dreams transferral folks nearer and galvanizing their thoughts.
 Just a century agone, land touched the seat of their empire from city to Old Delhi. And it's been the Capital of India ever since. currently a thriving, cosmopolitan tube, town has a lot of to celebrate because it has already reached the milestone