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sam sand dunes Jaisalmer

 Sam sand dunes, is one of the most authentic desert dune site in whole India, where you will find 30-60 meter tall sand dunes, and many travelers enjoying Desert Safari on camels or jeep, Sam is 45 km west from Jaisalmer city, where you can reach by hiring a can from Jaisalmer city and then stay in one of many desert camps, built in 2-3 km radius of sand dunes.

The best time to reach Sam sand dunes is around evening (sunset) at around 4-7 PM or early morning, during sunrise time of 4 to 6 am. You can book a camel or jeep (which is available at desert camps) to reach.the sunset point, that is 20-30 minutes from the campsite.

The best time to visit Sam or even Jaisalmer is from October to March (Feb) as in the renaming months, all the camps are closed and only few camel riders will be available. As as many travelers love to attend the evening musical program at Sam (at the desert camps), you won’t be able to attend them in summer and monsoon months.

A view on Sam Sand Dunes by Lonely Planet

A rare desert area which lies just in the edge of Jaisalmer Desert National Park and is also rated as top 10 must see tourist destinations in Rajasthan by Lonely Planet & Tripadvisor, Sam Sand Dunes are simply amazing. These dunes are 42-45 Kms away from the golden city (Jaisalmer) and has a nice sealed non-bumpy road which is maintained by Indian Arm forces.

If you ask me, these sand dunes are the very much similar to Sahara desert. The best time to visit these dunes is either sunset (around 4-7 PM) or sunrise (4-6 AM). There are many other activities which once can enjoy like these dunes have many locals who offer camel safari & jeep safari.

Plus there are many desert camp owners who offer Swiss tents and mud cottages just next to Sam dunes. Here once can enjoy special Rajasthani musical and dance program & by night can have dinner prepared by these camps (both veg and non veg.

And if you are a keen observer of desert then let me also suggest you to shoot some images of desert dung beetle who collects camel dung twice their size.

Despite all these, Jaisalmer isn’t a solo traveler destination or a place where you are like the only person alone in th sand. From the month of October to December, Sam dunes have many domestic and foreign tourists (in good numbers) but still these dunes will offer you space to frame images of vast desert, locals welcoming you at camps, safari vendors following you for a paid camel ride etc.

I will say that Sam dunes in India’s winter is an amazing destination and the best way to judge this point is by exploring these dunes your self.

The Rajasthani Experience

Majority of the travelers prefer to visit the Sam Sand Dunes for a day excursion coming from Jaisalmer, others joining in some camel safaris. There are a lot of camp owners who are offering mud cottages and Swiss tents to tourists. The camp is an exciting way to experience amazing sunsets on the horizon. Bonfires are always an important aspect of the trip where everyone can learn and enjoy the Rajasthani music and dance as well as dinner which is prepared by the camp operators that are either vegetarian or non vegetarian for both the local and international guests. There are also some stray of tea shops and restaurants around the dunes for day trippers to enjoy.

At night, it is a must that travelers get to experience laying in the sand and do stargazing. The place is not populous; there are not enough engines to cause smog in the air, so the chance of seeing stars at night is definitely high.

The best time to visit is during festivals

During the months of October to December is when many tourists drove in the Sam Sand Dunes in very good numbers which cannot cause less enjoyment for each traveler because of the wide space of the Thar Desert. The Sam Sand Dunes is perhaps is most enjoyable during the winter season in India when the heat plummets to its lowest point in a year to explore the dunes even farther.

The whole place becomes some sort of a cultural hub during the months of February and March. The showcase of the Rajasthani culture in general is the yearly organized Desert Festival where extravaganzas such as camel races, folk dance presentations, puppet shows, and competitions to mark the annual celebration held with splendor and display.

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Ellora caves indian monument


Ellora caves is one of the  wonder caves it's one of the largest rock-cut monastery temple caves complex in the world. In this caves mainly hindus buddhist and jains gods monuments here.This monuments detected from (600 --1000) CE

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gods own country alleppy


Alleppey(or) alappuzha is the heart of slithering backwaters of kerala also known as venice of east. Alleppey is famous for its several backwaters canals,beaches, paddy fields and lagoons. Alappuzha is heaven of the earth  alleppey is a god owns places, we are seen beauty of nature  at alleppey ,it is famous holiday destination in india throughout the world people comes to every year alappuzha .alleppey is famous for backwaters and houseboats